If you would like to be considered for membership in the Waterloo Region Business Exchange Team, please fill out the application form below.


Contract for Profitability:

I agree to the following terms and conditions as part of my membership in the Waterloo Region Business Exchange Team as a dedication to my own profitabiliy and the profitability of others.

  1. I will attend every meeting and when I am unable to attend, I will send a substitute to take my place. I understand that a fourth absence within a six month period, the Team Support Group may open my position to another qualified professional
  2. I will arrive on time each week and not leave early
  3. I will give good, qualified leads
  4. Whenever possible and applicable, I will switch my personal buying to appropriate members of the Business Excahnge Team
  5. I agree to maintain ethical standards that are equal to or above that of the rest of my profession. I agree to be truthful to all members.
  6. I will always give the kind of high quality service I expect from others
  7. I will provide the products or services at the prices I have quoted
  8. I will build goodwill and trust among the members and their leads
  9. I will take responsibility for following up promptly on the leads I recieve
  10. I will follow the Business Exchange Team policies and Code of Ethics


Code of Ethics:

“As a member of the Waterloo Region Business Exchange Team, I commit to…”

  1. provide my services to the standards agreed upon at the prices quoted
  2. be truthful with members and the leads they give me
  3. build and promote confidence and good business relationships with the members and their leads
  4. take responsibility for promptly working on the leads I receive
  5. follow the code of ethics of my professional or industry organization
  6. be supportive of the TEAM and its members


Application Process:

  1. As a potential member, you are welcome to attend two meetings as a visitor. You are then invited to complete an application and submit it with a cheque to the Team Support Group for review.
  2. The Team Support Group will consider your application and notify you of acceptance or non-acceptance before the next meeting.
  3. The Team Support Group notifies the President.
  4. You will be inducted into the Business Exchange Team at the meeting following membership acceptance.




Download Application Form